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                                            SHOW ME BASS CLUB

                                     BY-LAWS AND CONSTITUTION

                                                         Established October 2007                

                                                             Revised January 2018




1. The purpose of this club is for the amateur fisherman to compete against other equally like fisherman.

2. This club is not intended to be a money making club. The membership and entry fees are made affordable for the average fisherman. 




1.The leadership of the club is held by the founders. There are only two officer, President and Vice President and they are life time positions.  Should one of the officers resign the remaining officer will decide how to fill the vacancy.  Others can serve a leadership role at the pleasure of the officers but their positions are not formally recognized.


2. President- The office of president is to preside over the running of the club, exhibit leadership and guidance, hold an annual meeting and resolve any disputes. They also have responsibility for the club funds and the purchase and maintenance of club equipment.  The president will also assist the Vice President at “tournament launch and weigh in”.  The president is responsible for vetting new members. They also have the authority to ask an individual to resign from the club.


3. Vice President- The role of the vice president is to support the president in all the matters listed in their job and in addition to act as Tournament Director.  As Tournament Director their decision is final. They are responsible to resolve all disputes and may seek the counsel of the president and other members. The Tournament Director is in charge of determining “safe light” and has the discretion to delay the start of a tournament depending on light and/or weather conditions. It is within their discretion to cancel a tournament based on weather conditions and/or safety concerns.





1. An annual membership is $40.00 per person and is non-refundable.

2. Members may fish with their spouse or their children (until their 16th birthday) for 3 combined regular season tournaments without paying a membership or you can fish two regular season tournaments with a spouse or child under 16 and use an alternate one time without paying a membership. Either way; the second time using other alternates they pay a membership fee, even if it is a different alternate.

3. New members including alternates are subject to a background check and approval by the officers. No applications for membership will be accepted the day of the tournament.

4. Anglers wishing to join the club must be considered amateurs in the world of tournament fishing. If over the past three years you have fished any tournaments as a "Pro Angler"  or have won more than $5,000 dollars in Bassmasters and FLW lower divisions. Or you have been a guide on any lake in the Midwest you are ineligible to join the club. Big Bass Bash wining are exempt.

 5. All members are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsman like manner while participating in club tournament. Failure to do so could result in ejection from the club.

 6. The decision to eject a member from the Club will be decided by the officers of the club.

 7. The Club President will notify the member in question of his questionable action before the next tournament 


IV - CLUB MEETINGS                                                                                                

1. We will have a club meeting in November or December to discuss tournament schedule and lakes to be fished.  All members will have a say on the lake and date selections for the upcoming year.

2. Members are encouraged to bring concerns or new ideas to the meeting.

3. An annual financial report will be given at the meeting showing funds collected and how they were spent.

4. Only the Club President or Vice President may call a special membership meeting. Special meetings can also be called at the request of at least 4 members by notifying the Club President. Every attempt will be made to contact all club members.

 5. Club By-Laws and Constitution may be changed only between November 1 and February 28th.



1. Team Format:  The Club uses a Team Format. A team consists of a boater and their partner.  If a boater is having difficulty finding a partner they may fish by themselves with the permission of the Tournament Director.  For rules governing fishing with family or an alternate see Article III Dues and Membership.

 2. Tournaments: There will be (7) regular season point tournaments.  Tournament dates and lakes may be changed only if due to an unforeseen event and this decision will be made by the clubs officers and /or water patrol. The take-off area and times chosen may be changed by the Tournament Director or Water Patrol due to weather or safety.  If a tournament is cancelled, an alternate tournament may be voted on by the members. During the summer months, the weigh in will begin 10 mins after the end of the tournament. This can be changed at the Tournament Director’s discretion in an effort to assure the health and welfare of the fish. NO GUIDES SERVICES may be purchased or used any closer than 1 month prior to any tournament date. The Umbrella Rig is allowed to be used but you must follow state regulations. 


3. Entry Fee: Tournament entry fee: $80.00 per team . Entry fee must be received by the Wednesday prior to the tournament along with the Tournament Entry Form. Participants are required to respond to an email from the officers asking your intent to fish. Payouts for the tournament will be based on number of entries. 1-4 boats (1 place), 5-8 boats (2 places), 9-12 boats (3 places), 13-16 boats (4 places), 17-20 boats (5 places). In the case of 21 or more boats payout will change to 1 every 5 boats, 21-25 boats (5 places), in the case of 26-30 boats (6 places). In the event only one fish is caught and weighed, that team will receive all cash prizes and big bass.


4.NO-FISH Tournament:  If no fish are weighed at a tournament, all cash and prizes will carry over to the next point tournament and those same teams that fished the NO-FISH tournament would be fishing two separate tournaments in one. Teams that fish the next point tournament but did not fish the NO-FISH tournament would only be fishing for the current prize money.   All teams that fish the NO-FISH tournament receive 10 points for fishing that tournament. At the next tournament, those fishing for the purse from the “NO-FISH tournament” can win place money but not additional points. Teams that carried over from the NO-FISH tournament are eligible to receive points for position in the current scheduled tournament only. Entry fees paid for the NO-FISH tournament do not apply to the next tournament. All participants at the next tournament will need to pay an entry fee.  This format gives the teams that participated in the NO-FISH tournament a 2nd chance at that tournaments prize money.


 5. Big Bass Payout: for each tournament: There will be 1 Big Bass submitted per team per day. Each team will select the fish from their catch used to participate in Big Fish prior to being weighed. Any tie for big bass will be broken by using the heaviest total tournament weight.  In event a tie still exists, the order of team entry will determine winner. All ties for total weight will be broken by BIG BASS and if tie still exists it will be broken by entry.



6. Payouts: Of the $80 received from an entry fee for each tournament it will be dispersed as follows:

1. $38 Tournament     2.$13 for two Big Bass           3. $4 Big Bass of the year award       4. $10 Insurance        5.$3 Club Funds       6. $12 Classic Bonus Prize and awards

This totals $80 or 100% of the money collected.

7. Side Pots: If teams want to add a side pot on top of their entry they can and the top finisher of those teams takes 100% of the money collected for the side pocket.  Side pots will be $20.00 cash per boat payable the morning of the tournament and the tournament director will hold the money.

8. Classic Tournament: The club’s Classic will be in October and is the last tournament of the year.   This is a non-point tournament.

A. The team must fish at least (4) regular season point tournaments to be eligible for the Classic. This means the boater for each team must have fished at least (4) regular season tournaments. Your partner or alternate for the Classic must have fished at least (1) regular season point tournament and be a paid member to be eligible for the Classic.

B. Awards: A Trophy will be given to both team members of 1st place team in the Classic. There will also be one Big Bass in the Classic and they will receive a plaque.

C. Classic Entry Fee: $80.00. 4. Payouts: Payout will be (2) places up to ten boats, 11-20 boats the payout will go to (3) places, 21-30 boats the payout will go to (4) places and 31-40 boats the payout will go to (5) places. (We payout fewer places in the Classic to have higher payout.) 


1. For every team that weigh at least one fish and finished in the top 20 teams, points will be issued as follows: 1st-50, 2nd-48, 3rd-46, 4th-44, down to 20th place.

2.  Teams that did not weigh a fish or finished in 21st place or below will receive 10 points.

 3. Total points for the year will consist of your best (6) regular season tournaments. So every team will be able to drop their worst point tournament or if they are unable to fish one, it will not hurt their point total.

 4. Tie breaker of total points will be the team that accumulates the most weight of their best (6) regular season point tournaments.



1. POINTS CHAMPIONS - The top three (3) teams in the final point standings after the September tournament will receive a cash award. The cash will be split up as follows: 50% for first place, 30% for second place, and 20% for third place.  The team must have fished at least (4) regular season point tournaments to be eligible. Since the points follow the boater, this refers to the team boater.

2. BIG BASS OF THE YEAR: The person that catches the biggest bass of the year prior to the Classic in October will receive a plaque and a cash award. They also must fish at least (4) regular season tournaments to be eligible.


1. The Club is funded primarily by the Membership and Tournament Entry Fees received.

2. Expenses for normal Club operations are paid from Club receipts.


1. Disputes or protests over the awarding of plaques or cash will be resolved by the club officers who are present at the time of the dispute. The tournament director must be advised of any disputes or protests prior to the awarding of trophies, awards, etc.

2. If necessary, the Club officers may appoint a committee of three members to settle the dispute. Their decision is final.

3. The tournament director will immediately inform the accused the nature of the dispute.


If the club is disbanded for any reason, all money left in the club fund will be divided equally among the remaining members. All items that were donated for club use will be returned to the rightful owner.  

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